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Expaneling air Shaft

Materiaux : Aluminium, Acier, Fibre de Carbone
Materialien : Aluminium, Stahl, CFK
Materials : Aluminium, Steel, Carbon Fibre

Curved rubber rollers, being of constant diameter and on acurved, nonrotatin shaft, allow material to run at univorm tension across the web while in contact with the roller surface. Expander rollers have approximately twice as much shaft bow as te spreader rollers in expanding or spreading textiles, paper, or film, these rollers utilize two principles : expansion through perpendicular force applied inthe entering span, and expansion of teh roller cover.
Figure-1 Illustrating
entering-span expansion

Bow Expander Roller : Fix adjustable variable with Rubber covering and Metal covering suitable length 20" to 150" Dimeter of roll 50 mm to 150 mm.

The expansion effect is attained by the curved form of the roller in connection with the warp angle. The in feed space should be as long as possible while the out feed space should be short.

The expansion effect can be varied by changing the clearance angle.

Slat Expander Roller : Suitable up to 120" working width Falt covering on wooden Patti, Alluminium Patti and S. S. Patti

The expansion effect is attained by the movement of the slats form the center of the rollers. In case of a constant stroke a plain stretch effect is obtained.

The expansion effect is influenced by a twist of the shaft were the charging and discharging points of the cloth are changes.

Poly Band Strip Expander Roller : Suitable dia 75 to 150"

The expansion effect is attained by stretching the very elastic poly bands evenly located at the circumference.

The expansion effect can be infinitely adjusted during the operation by changing the stroke by a hand wheel. It is additionally influenced by changing the charging and discharging points.


Fabric Guiding and Expanding Device.

The traversing of the cloth width is attained by the oscillating movement of the traversing roller. The rotation o of the roller is converted into an axial movement via a gear with excenter.

The lateral displacement can be adjusted at the excenter lever.

Other Device :
Uncurler and Decurling : arrangement for textile and Tyre - cord Industries.
Scroll - Roll Device with Motor : Suitable for Leather Industries and Woven Fabrics.
Core Cutter
  • The Most efficient core cutting machinebrom the house of trivedi's.
  • It is best semi-automatic machine in its class.
  • Best designed for the quick cutting of cores into pieces of various
  • lengths from a given parent core.
  • The HSS cutter gives fast and sharp cutting with added life.
  • Both 3" & 6" core cutting option is also available.
Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Metrial Protection against moisture and dust (printed & plain both).
  • Prvent telescoping of rollsby air tight stratch film
  • pee tee stratch machine Saves packaging cost, labour charge and time
  • Better identifications of wrapped products
  • Gives stability to the products
  • Economical way of packing
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